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Since 2012, under the name “Arnon Grunberg Agency” (AGA), publishers Nijgh & Van Ditmar and Lebowski Publishers share the responsibility for the worldwide sales of translation rights to Arnon Grunberg’s oeuvre.

Arnon Grunberg on the new cooperative form: ‘True love can only be found in a trio.’


Frankfurt Book Fairy

Arnon Grunberg to open Frankfurt Book Fair

Holland (and Belgium) will be Schwerpunkt at the Frankfurt Book Fair this year. The Frankfurter Buchmesse opens on the evening of Tuesday 18 October, when the official presentation of the Netherlands and Flanders as guest of honour begins with the motto, 'This Is What We Share'. For the Netherlands, Arnon Grunberg will be representing the guest of honour country, while Flanders will take to stage Charlotte van den Broeck, the youngest guest country speaker in the history of the trade fair.

Besides that Grunberg will make a lot of appearances for readings, public interviews and discussions in Frankfurt from the 18th till the 23rd of October:

October 19, 15h00 (ARD-Forum)
Interview with Arnon Grunberg: SWR live radio

October 19, 18h00 (Guest of Honour Pavilion: Forum Level 1)
Live radio: Arnon Grunberg & Annelies Verbeke

October 20, 12h00 - 12h45 (FMB16 Pavilion - Theatre)
This Is What We Share: Arnon Grunberg & Mark Schaevers

October 23, 14h00 (Hall 4.1, at the end of E)
Interview with Arnon Grunberg: Das Blaue Sofa

Arnon Grunberg's Brain Lab

Brainlab In the courtyard of the Buchmesse, the agora, a Dutch-Flemish corner will be set up. In Arnon Grunberg's Brain Lab, visitors can have their brain activity measured while Grunberg reads a text (his novel The Cache), to test for emotions such as disgust, contempt, anger, sadness and compassion. These data are then compared with those of the author when he was writing the text.

In autumn 2014 a team of scientists of VUmc in Amsterdam has measured the emotions, brain activity and subjective feelings of Arnon Grunberg as he created a new book. The measurements were correlated with the text he wrote. When he writes about anger, does he feel the emotion himself? What factors influence the creative flow? A portable observation lab had been put to a unique use to take these measurements. In the second phase, a selection of readers has been measured as they read his book in controlled circumstances. In the third phase, the reactions of thousands of readers were measured. At the Buchmesse 2016 the observation lab will also be setup for visitors of the bookfair. At the fair, the German edition of The Cache (Die Datei) will be released as ebook.


On Mother's Day 2016, Arnon Grunberg published his long expected new novel BIRTHMARKS (Dutch title: MOEDERVLEKKEN) in the Netherlands. Birthmarks received rave reviews by the Dutch and Belgium press:

"An ode to life" – Het Parool ****

"Perfect, complete and moving" – De Volkskrant ****

"What Grunberg describes here is a generational ban on happiness" – NRC Handelsblad ****

"This novel is a highlight in Grunberg’s oeuvre. His style, based on paradox, the litany and the repetition, is glistening here. It works. It keeps the emotions at bay and at the same time makes you realize it does, which makes it all the more moving." – De Groene Amsterdammer

"Grunberg reveals his true self to us" – Knack *****

"A stylistic tour de force, a relief, and already one of my favourite Grunberg’s ever." – HUMO ****

"A degenerate homage to the relationship between mother and son" – Standaard der Letteren ****

Rights sold to

  • Germany (Kiepenheuer & Witsch)
  • France (Éditions Héloïse d'Ormesson)
  • Czech Republic (Dybbuk)
  • Brazil (Rádio Londres)
  • Hungary (Gondolat)

Good to know

  • Birthmarks is on the shortlist for the ECI Literatuurprijs, one of the most important literary prizes in The Netherlands.
  • On October 2th, Birthmarks (Muttermale) was published in Germany (Kiepenheuer & Witsch) at the Berliner Festspiele in Berlin. More info here.


Lesereise through Germany, Austria and Switzerland

The full month of October 2016 Arnon Grunberg will embark on the traditional "Lesereise" through Germany, Austria and Switzerland to promote his new novel in German, Muttermale, published by KiWi. Check the dates here:

October 7, 2016 19h30 Wiesbaden, Germany
Reading in Wiesbaden - Reading, Q&A and signing

October 8, 2016 19h30 Kiel, Germany
Reading in Kiel - Reading, Q&A and signing

October 10, 2016 20h00 Munich, Germany
Reading in Munich - Reading, Q&A and signing

October 11, 2016 19h30 Hanover, Germany
Reading in Hanover - Reading, Q&A and signing

October 16, 2016 11h30 Darmstadt, Germany
Reading in Darmstadt - Reading, Q&A and signing

October 17, 2016 19h00 Bonn, Germany
Reading in Bonn - Reading, Q&A and signing

October 18, 2016 08h00 Frankfurt, Germany
Frankfurter Buchmesse - Readings, interviews

October 25, 2016 20h15 Erfurt, Germany
Reading in Erfurt - Reading, Q&A and signing

October 26, 2016 19h30 Heidelberg, Germany
Reading in Heidelberg - Reading, Q&A and signing

October 27, 2016 20h00 Nuremberg, Germany
Reading in Nuremberg - Reading, Q&A and signing

October 29, 2016 17h00 Zurich, Switzerland
Reading in Zurich - Reading, Q&A and signing

The Future of Sex

Theatre play: The Future of Sex

New dates added of The Future of Sex - a theatre play written by Arnon Grunberg and Wunderbaum, premiere date last June - for November and December at several locations in The Netherlands. Check out the dates here.

Tirza Bulgaria

Tirza in Bulgaria

On October 12th and 13th Arnon Grunberg will open the screening of Tirza during the movie & book Cinelibri Festival in Bulgaria, where the Bulgarian translation of Tirza will be presented to the public:

October 12, 2016 18h15 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tirza in Sofia - Screening, signing

October 13, 2016 19h00 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tirza in Sofia - Screening, signing


The Man Without Illness Brazil Tirza Brazil

Rádio Londres published The Man without Illness in Brazil: O homem sem doença was presented at São Paulo and the Tarrafa Literária Festival in Santos, and the second edition of Tirza as well.

Het Bestand

In June, Nijgh & van Ditmar released a new edition of the Dutch version of The Cache.

Film Deals

The Cache

In commission of Dutch Mountain Movies, the Dutch playwriter Judith Goudsmit wrote a scenario for The Cache. DMM will start filming in October and the movie will be broadcasted as a Telefilm, a movie of 90 minutes especially developed for Dutch television.

Arnon Grunberg in the media

September 18

Arnon Grunberg delivered the Abel Herzberg reading 2016 in Amsterdam, Holland, titled World domination. Read it here; watch the video stream here.

September 14

The 3rd edition of MacGuffin featured a short story by Arnon Grunberg.

September 2

Slowak newspaper SME published Arnon Grunberg's letter to the Europeans that he read to participants in a train travel event during a stop in Bratislava on July 1st 2016. Read it here.

July 19

Das Magazin published Arnon Grunberg's report about the psychiatric emergency team.

July 16

The German newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) published a profile about Arnon Grunberg. Read it here.

Hannelore Grünberg-Klein - "I think a lot about the war, because back in the day I didn't have time for it"

Het Bestand

Together with Muttermale Kiepenheuer & Witsch will publish in October 2016 the memoirs of Grünbergs mother, Hannelore Grünberg-Klein, titled Ich denke oft an den Krieg, denn früher hatte ich dazu keine Zeit ("I think a lot about the war, because back in the day I didn't have time for it").

Arnon and his mother

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