Almost Beckett-like.
And yes - here the author is again ironic and unpredictable. The irony and the sense of absurdity are among his most powerful tools.
When Mr. Grunberg’s “Footnote” columns first appeared on the front page, my initial reaction was: well, here we go, that overinflated show-off on the front page every day. Meanwhile, however, it has become the high point of reading the paper on an almost daily basis.
I added "Tirza" to my book treasury.
Grunberg for president!
WN: By the way, the Occupy movement, are they still out there? In the snow? AG: Good question. I’ll have to go and take a look. But I’m pretty sure they are. It seems to me that you wouldn’t let yourself be scared off by a little snow.
The winner would receive a free meal at the ‘Jerusalem’ snack bar in Amsterdam. An excellent snack bar, by the way, run by a Palestinian named Sem.
A formidable work.
The Man Without Illness is a tragicomic tale, a satire of globalization and a Kafkaesque nightmare.
The wit and sardonic intelligence that shine through Arnon Grunberg’s prose makes it a continual pleasure to read.