Grunberg rejects self-serving existentialism, confronts real-world torture, genocide, terrorism and personal crimes of the heart, and he infuses his visceral, wily satire with biblical fury.
I don’t think that my vitamin allergy agrees with you.
Freud is a deep, dark red with just a dash of violet from its earliest childhood. The nose, at first, is not pronouncedly explosive, but develops in the glass. Aromas arise of prune, blackberry jam, candied cherry and subtle tones of spice along with a whiff of vanilla. In the mouth, vanilla and coconut, flavors added to the wine by means of ten months’ ripening in oaken kegs, complement the red and dark fruit in an elegant and exotic fashion. Its texture, that which one feels in the mouth, is fulsome, rich and ripe. Soft with strength and bite.
There used to be a connection between achievement and fame. You were able to do something well and might become famous because of that. Today, fame is the achievement.
The whimsical novel, written pseudonymously by a Dutch novelist, masquerades as the confessions of an Austrian philosophy student…[who] decides to assert his existence by pursuing l’amour fou.
A gold mine.
Arnon Grunberg is a great literary talent.
Grunberg for president!
How many journalists can match Grunberg’s supple and intelligent pen?
Go out with other men. Tell your husband about it in minute detail. Maybe that will wake him up.