Interviewer: Thank you very much for your time. Did you like this interview? Grunberg: Yes, very much, and you?
There used to be a connection between achievement and fame. You were able to do something well and might become famous because of that. Today, fame is the achievement.
In Grunberg’s fiction, there are no unmentionables: Everything is fair game… exhilarating, bewildering, and throat-clutchingly funny.
That many readers can find themselves in this life story, explains the huge enthusiasm it generated.
You can’t always control the way an image develops or how other people talk about me. A lot of people may think that if things go a certain way in my books, well then that’s what his life must be like too.
Grimly comic and unflinching.
When Mr. Grunberg’s “Footnote” columns first appeared on the front page, my initial reaction was: well, here we go, that overinflated show-off on the front page every day. Meanwhile, however, it has become the high point of reading the paper on an almost daily basis.
I found him a polite, friendly young man.
When Catholic painter Gyula Somos read a review by Arnon Grunberg in NRC Handelsblad about a exhibition of the work of the Italian Dominican [Fra Angelico], he immediately felt the urge to come to his fellow artist’s defense. Not with words, but with the brush.
Since 2002, Flemish author Herman Brusselmans has regularly commented on Grunberg, both in his novels and in interviews.