Unraveling with humor and poignancy until the end.
Grunberg rejects self-serving existentialism, confronts real-world torture, genocide, terrorism and personal crimes of the heart, and he infuses his visceral, wily satire with biblical fury.
Tomorrow in Kortrijk, the Dutch writer will preside as Moslimas, Christians, Jewesses and pagan women engage in a mud-wrestling competition.
The winner would receive a free meal at the ‘Jerusalem’ snack bar in Amsterdam. An excellent snack bar, by the way, run by a Palestinian named Sem.
The book is good, and maybe great, but it's unpleasant and depressing. Then again, that's our problem.
I don’t think that my vitamin allergy agrees with you.
The Jewish Messiah is a farce of nuclear proportions.
When Arnon Grunberg will speak again, I will listen.
There used to be a connection between achievement and fame. You were able to do something well and might become famous because of that. Today, fame is the achievement.
A tragic-comic slapstick full of hope and melancholy.