Tomorrow in Kortrijk, the Dutch writer will preside as Moslimas, Christians, Jewesses and pagan women engage in a mud-wrestling competition.
Apparently irreconcible opposites, such as frivolity versus tragedy, cynicism versus sentimentality, and horror versus the farcical express Grunberg’s vision that fine words and high ideals are illusions, but that despite this vision, or perhaps because of it, we must be happy, if not in fact, then in the written word.
Birthmarks is a smart, philanthropic and extremely entertaining book, easy to read but not easy to digest. What more can one expect from literature than to extend the scope of what is considered normal?
The novel is a remarkable description of an author’s psyche that is also very entertaining.
A gold mine.
I found him a polite, friendly young man.
When Catholic painter Gyula Somos read a review by Arnon Grunberg in NRC Handelsblad about a exhibition of the work of the Italian Dominican [Fra Angelico], he immediately felt the urge to come to his fellow artist’s defense. Not with words, but with the brush.
Arnon Grunberg questioned the hysteria of crowds and the construction of ideologies with a rebellious appetite.
Arnon Grunberg offers us a sparkling and sassy novel that happily prances between Franz Kafka and Sacha Baron Cohen.
Go out with other men. Tell your husband about it in minute detail. Maybe that will wake him up.