WN: By the way, the Occupy movement, are they still out there? In the snow? AG: Good question. I’ll have to go and take a look. But I’m pretty sure they are. It seems to me that you wouldn’t let yourself be scared off by a little snow.
Interviewer: Thank you very much for your time. Did you like this interview? Grunberg: Yes, very much, and you?
Almost Beckett-like.
Since 2002, Flemish author Herman Brusselmans has regularly commented on Grunberg, both in his novels and in interviews.
Here, at this spot, you will find footnotes to the human comedy.
The book is good, and maybe great, but it's unpleasant and depressing. Then again, that's our problem.
Funny and moving…The work of Marek van der Jagt shifts between the romanticism of a sentimental quest and the farce of a sexual education…a game of role-playing about the life instinct, writing as negation, and the slalom between truths and lies.
All is vanity.
There used to be a connection between achievement and fame. You were able to do something well and might become famous because of that. Today, fame is the achievement.
This man has got to have a neurosis, at least one.