. If you love Koch, get ready for an even deeper shock.
The reader will be stunned by the humour of the writer, of the absurdity of some situations, and the dialogues.
Interviewer: Thank you very much for your time. Did you like this interview? Grunberg: Yes, very much, and you?
Here, at this spot, you will find footnotes to the human comedy.
Unraveling with humor and poignancy until the end.
A delectable thriller.
My friendship with Arnon takes place in no way whatsoever at the physical level between us.
Arnon Grunberg questioned the hysteria of crowds and the construction of ideologies with a rebellious appetite.
This man has got to have a neurosis, at least one.
Grunberg’s way of writing has a certain humorous cheeriness as its hallmark, thanks to the transparency that makes even the most simple sentences seem to somehow transcend themselves, suppressing the increasingly absurd facts and pushing them back into their triviality.