Grünberg’s novel grabs you because of its tempo, the building of tension and the sympathetic protagonist.
And then there was this rumor going around that we were going to shoot a wild sex scene, which might possibly explain why a crowd gathered on the grid above the studio at a certain point. I saw quite a few eyes peering down at us. A number of them turned out to belong to staff members who didn’t want to miss that unique moment. Arnon remained completely cool under all this. He seemed deaf to all the rest, and listened only to me. A director’s dream of an actor.
Since 2002, Flemish author Herman Brusselmans has regularly commented on Grunberg, both in his novels and in interviews.
Apparently irreconcible opposites, such as frivolity versus tragedy, cynicism versus sentimentality, and horror versus the farcical express Grunberg’s vision that fine words and high ideals are illusions, but that despite this vision, or perhaps because of it, we must be happy, if not in fact, then in the written word.
My friendship with Arnon takes place in no way whatsoever at the physical level between us.
The book is good, and maybe great, but it's unpleasant and depressing. Then again, that's our problem.
This man has got to have a neurosis, at least one.
Funny and moving…The work of Marek van der Jagt shifts between the romanticism of a sentimental quest and the farce of a sexual education…a game of role-playing about the life instinct, writing as negation, and the slalom between truths and lies.
Arnon Grunberg is a great literary talent.
I don’t think that my vitamin allergy agrees with you.