Arnon Grunberg is a great literary talent.
The school psychologist spent a lot of time with him. We did everything we could to keep him in school, but he was out of control.
The wit and sardonic intelligence that shine through Arnon Grunberg’s prose makes it a continual pleasure to read.
Productivity? Discipline? It’s no different from what you need if you plan to win Wimbledon or carry out a successful military campaign.
The winner would receive a free meal at the ‘Jerusalem’ snack bar in Amsterdam. An excellent snack bar, by the way, run by a Palestinian named Sem.
A gold mine.
Funny and moving…The work of Marek van der Jagt shifts between the romanticism of a sentimental quest and the farce of a sexual education…a game of role-playing about the life instinct, writing as negation, and the slalom between truths and lies.
Grunberg for president!
It sours, like real literature.
Tomorrow in Kortrijk, the Dutch writer will preside as Moslimas, Christians, Jewesses and pagan women engage in a mud-wrestling competition.