A novel about disenchanted young heroes trying to make sense of a senseless world.
When Catholic painter Gyula Somos read a review by Arnon Grunberg in NRC Handelsblad about a exhibition of the work of the Italian Dominican [Fra Angelico], he immediately felt the urge to come to his fellow artist’s defense. Not with words, but with the brush.
Because the importing of cures from exotic locations virtually amounts to proof of quackery, Grunberg’s Miracle Cream is already suspect.
Grünberg’s novel grabs you because of its tempo, the building of tension and the sympathetic protagonist.
This man has got to have a neurosis, at least one.
Either he goes, or I go!
The wit and sardonic intelligence that shine through Arnon Grunberg’s prose makes it a continual pleasure to read.
Grunberg for president!
Since 2002, Flemish author Herman Brusselmans has regularly commented on Grunberg, both in his novels and in interviews.
Interviewer: Thank you very much for your time. Did you like this interview? Grunberg: Yes, very much, and you?