Arnon Grunberg

January 19, 2015


A new Grunberg Matchboox, the story 'Tara', with art by Elisa Pesapane. For more info click here. It can also be ordered as part of a special edition.


Freud is a deep, dark red with just a dash of violet from its earliest childhood. The nose, at first, is not pronouncedly explosive, but develops in the glass. Aromas arise of prune, blackberry jam, candied cherry and subtle tones of spice along with a whiff of vanilla. In the mouth, vanilla and coconut, flavors added to the wine by means of ten months’ ripening in oaken kegs, complement the red and dark fruit in an elegant and exotic fashion. Its texture, that which one feels in the mouth, is fulsome, rich and ripe. Soft with strength and bite.