One of the better book launches, "Hotel Citizen" in Noordwijk. The quality of the texts written by approximately hundred and thirty readers was amazingly high. (Twenty readers didn't show up.) Building communities? Telling, writing and reading together.



And out


Back in Noordwijk, for the launch of "The Hotel Citizen" - meditations on being home, hotels and falling inn and out of love. I expect about 150 readers in my hotel room.





The bill at Hostaria a Magnatora in Terracina. The waiter was a clown, a waiter, a Don Juan and a photographer at the same time. The waitress was his daughter or his granddaughter or the daughter of the neighbors. The food was delicious.




Der Spiegel on North Korea, Trump and the Apocalypse:

'Robert Litwak, the North Korea expert in Washington, also believes it is in Kim Jong Un's interest to negotiate. He proposes a freezing of the North Korean nuclear program through negotiations between China and North Korea. The result could be that Kim stays in power, with a limited number of nuclear weapons.

The greatest threat these days, in fact, may not be that one side intentionally triggers a war. Rather that both sides may stumble into a spiral of escalation that they are unable to stop.

But if a military confrontation can be prevented, if Trump and Kim don't overreact and if negotiations are the ultimate outcome, then it is possible that Trump wouldn't be in a bad spot. The fact that he is erratic, impulsive and unpredictable is certainly a worry to politicians around the world, but that could work to his advantage during negotiations. That, in fact, might be why Trump recently said: "This country has to be less predictable."'

Read the complete article here.

Less predictable, so far so good. But if less predictable means a nuclear war, a dictatorship or less civil rights and even more concentration of power, we should conclude that "les predictable" just means clinging to power.