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In “The Case against Perfection” Michael J. Sandel writes: “The company’s Web site has announced a price reduction for cat cloning, which now costs a mere $32,000. If the price still seems steep, it comes with a money-back guarantee: ‘If you feel that your kitten doesn’t sufficiently resemble the genetic donor, we’ll refund your money in full with no questions asked.’”

I wonder how many kitten lovers would be willing to pay $32,000 for the immortality of their beloved pet. I would say it’s a bargain, but perhaps I overestimate immortality.


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cos there's world shortage of kitty aint there?
pussy more popular than poems
poems i have trouble giving away
n me too
Well, as long as they don't do this with children... (I guess the price would be higher in that case)...
The possibilities
Wont you like Arnon to be played by an Arnon clone in Blue Mondays in the near future?
Wow. With this cloning thing we could in theory stop evolution. Freeze a particular moment in evolution and let it go on forever. How many clones of a beloved one would it take to eventually get tired of this love?

Admittedly this statement by BioArts International concerns dogs rather than cats, but this is probably your answer Arnon:

"Cloning is controversial, which makes it an attractive media subject, and its resulting high profile leads some to conclude there is an equally significant commercial opportunity. However, after studying this market for more than a decade – and offering both cat and dog cloning services – we now believe the market is actually extremely small."

I am afraid the statement also confirmed my suspicions: "For every dog cloned by RNL in the future, it’s likely that a dozen or more will be slaughtered for food as a direct result."
That was also the case with the first cellphone, although i think you cant improve cloning the way mobile phones have improved, but then again who are we to predict that? Legs of Usain, arms of Arnold, teeth of Arnon, eyes of Sasja and vegetarian who can wants to live on a minimum of food who cares for unclones dogs..?
It's hard to compete with the low cost and high success rate of natural reproduction. Cloning is several orders of magnitude more expensive.

When it comes to enhancing one's own body, I am sure the sky is the limit in terms of the market. On the other hand, the fortunes spent on perfume by the aristocracy at Versailles could not disguise their unwashed filthiness. There is no limit to vanity and also no limit to self-deception.
probably you can move limits with clones, we ll all be little gods or demons with a manual
I think you mean genetic engineering. A clone is genetically identical and is no better than the original organism. (Identical twins are natural clones.)

The ethics of genetic manipulation go beyond cloning because it is, in essence, possible to create new lifeforms.
To Arnon
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I'm not entirely sure I'm that capable of following you, I'm slow, I'm sorry. But if the bottom line is that one gets over it then these are awesome news. Perhaps children's books writers are less prone to suffer from this side effect.
Carlos thanks
Then i ll wait till the enginering part is in order when i start cloning (i hope that it ll be before i am 150 and that my brains are in mint condition by then, because now.. i dont have to explain that to you but i do for people like me)
How did we get from cloning to whoring?

I suppose in capitalism whoring is always just around the corner... but still...
I'm sorry, this interference has nothing to do with the post but with a theme which Arnon discusses from time to time and which I couldn't take at face value when I first read it. Of course, your interpretation might be valid as well.