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This afternoon I asked my cleaning lady to clean up my freezer.
She found some tortellini from 2004.


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Dear Arnon
Is the freezer on the photo your freezer? And if so is it the freezer before or after the cleaning?
Your wine cellar
2004 was a good pasta year, according to the mammiosi. Seriously, new food for thought for your "cordon culinaire".
Frozen Tortellini all' Ovule of 2004, and everybody is discussing now if you can freeze it. What did you or the cleaning lady do with it?
@Dens was it not?
Count me in on new yearsday (on the plant, its a though bastard).
1. Yes.
2. Before.
Milan van Opmeer
I'm sorry I don't understand what you're telling me.
Are you celebrating New Years day with me?
You stole my blog topic! I was going to blog about this today. Now I have to invent something else, otherwise people'll think I copycat you.

Anyway, could you send your cleaning lady over to my place? I bet she'll make some breathtaking discoveries when she cleans my freezer.
Thought you kept a betting list on how long the plant will live...
What's the small bottle?
Milan van Opmeer
Now I understand.
You're the first to bet.
Can I place some bet?
On how long this 'tough bastard' will live...
Assuming AG watered it at least ONCE to go on to September, Oct, Nov, Dec., my guess would be this plant will still be alive on New Year's Day. No doubt about it. It's a Dracaena. It will survive anything.