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A long talk


Last night after the Van der Leeuw Reading I had a long talk with the Queen’s Commissioner of the Dutch province of Groningen, Max van den Berg. Mr. Van den Berg turned out to be a warmhearted man with a healthy sense of self-deprecation.
For reasons that are not completely clear to me yet Mr. van den Berg called me a Marxist.


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self-deprecation / self-depreciation
Perhaps his healthy sense of self-deprecIation caused him to call you
a Marxist?
Or he is 'recognizing' (old, fellow) 'marxists' everywhere.
Marx - Oberstein
Maybe Max van den Berg just read 'Huid en Haar' and was struck by the strict economic worldview of the main character in the novel. And although Obersteins economic viewpoint is somewhat different from the one from Marx, strictly economic they are. (And of course a second assumption is that vd Berg must have identified you with Oberstein).

Arnon: how was the van der Leeuw reading? Unfortunately I heard about it (on this blog) on fridayafternoon. Too late to get tickets.
A Marxist? Marx didnt want any followers, becvause he himself didnt even want to be member of a club that wanted him as a member. The only social dialectical tie that bound him was a part of his family, his brothers.
Peter S
I’m fairly sure that Mr. van den Berg has not read my last novel. It’s my educated guess that Mr. van den Berg hasn’t read any of my novels.
You mean Groucho Marx I assume.
Mr. Van den Berg was referring to the other Marx.
OK, Arnon, you mean the one that wrote Engels. Then I didnt read it because of my German. She prevents me from reading it, she's a member of the bourgeoisie. Bourgeoisie is French.. maybe they wrote French to each other, but i am not, so how should i know?

Wasnt VandenBerg seeing you as his folower, what makes you a Maxist?
Proudly subversive
This is the best joke I've heard in a long time!

Perhaps Mr. van den Berg confused you with Houellebecque, who calls himself a "communist" (among other things), but then it is also possible that Mr van den Berg considers all writers to be "subversives" and hence "Marxists". If he considers you to be a "subversive", Arnon, you should probably wear the label proudly.
That's right, Carlos!
And we must be talking about Groucho Marx here!
Perhaps Mr Max van den Berg had heard about about the 'consolation of slap-stick'.....
Groucho and Karl combined in one. Now I understand the spell you laid on me, Arnon.
Marx van den Berg
Arnon I think your reading gave us some sharpe overviews about the political situation we are in nowadays. And in a way "modern" mankind always seems to be.
If these statement makes you a Marxist ,will you choose to be van der Lubbe or ter Braak? Démasqué der schoonheid? Write your pamflet!