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First evening


The first evening of Hanukkah: My godson’s mother made fairly delicious latkes.

(Apologies: not fairly delicious. Delicious.)


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Happy Hanukkah.
Years ago, when I still lived in Belgium, you could observe some Hanukkah's driving into Brussels by train. From the South station towards the Central station the train drives through a corridor of backyards where you can look into many houses.

Off topic: I read recently the book of Robert Vuijsje, "Alleen maar nette mensen" When I read the phrase: "De intellectuele jood is wereldvreemd en onhandig" I had to smile and think of you. The smile was produced because I do not know you and have no clue if you are clumsy.

Enjoy Hanukkah
Brandenburger Tor: http://demorgen.be/dm/nl/8056/Foto/photoalbum/detail/42146/906103/3/De-Morgen-In-Beeld.dhtml
I'll never forget my first latkes (and the yiddish song I learned), fifteen years from now, somewhere in Brussels to celebrate Hanukkah. Better than 'poffertjes'.
It is a joy to read your new novel in a train, speeding through the white frozen landscape.
Have a nice and warm evening !
Potato pancake
Finally, the love of a man goes via the potato pancake.