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Life is filled with ironies; the city of Tiraspol is a perfect place for cognac tasting.
For a bit more than $100 a person you get a well organized cognac tasting at the Kvint Factory in the center of town.


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Considering the president's name is Smirnov, I thaught it would be vodka.
Of course Kvint makes brandy and not Cognac, even if they claim otherwise.

I love the "Brandy Doina" which according to the website is a "manly drink, a good gift for any man". "Inner harmony and well-developed bouquet are combined with its virility." Are they hinting that its a male aphrodisiac? Especially as the advertising text is obviously aimed at women: give a bottle of this to to your husband and he'll make love to you all night... either that or pass out.
I prefer Armagnac.
If you taste a real good one wich we can order just let us know.
@ Carlos
A nice myth. In my experience, a man who had to much alcohol, doesn't perform well at all.
@ Coen
What about a nice bottle of Grunberg wine. Freud, Schopenhauer of Marx. Who can resist that?
Mieke, you are right. I am always amused whenever I see a movie wherein a totally drunk man makes wonderful love to a women. (A friend once told me, ‘I was so drunk I could not even jerk off’. That is closer to reality, I am afraid.)
To Mieke
Is that a myth at all?

My former therapist once quoted Shakespeare on this matter, saying it was self evident, that alcohol “provokes the desire, but takes away the performance.”

I wouldn’t know myself, I don’t drink.
Maybe you have to be drunk to believe the myth. Drunk men often think themselve to be Casanova.
Once, the effects of several whiskies combined with jet lag caused me to fall asleep during a blowjob. It was a very embarrassing incident indeed.

On the other hand, a few drinks can sometimes cause one to temporarily forget that a (potential) partner is not as attractive as one might hope.
"Live sucks !"
When it comes to a blowjob, I mean.
Drunken sex

- I thaught - thought (teach - taught)
- to much alcohol - too much
- Drunk men often think themselve - themselves
- "Live sucks !" [?! On what porno sites?] - Life (I take it)

"For a lot of us a good night out usually means that we'll have a few drinks. After a couple, you feel more attractive and after another couple, suddenly everyone else looks more attractive too.
But does your mind write cheques your body can't cash?
Yes, we're talking about brewer's droop. As Shakespeare wrote, alcohol "provokes the desire but takes away the performance."
'Brewer's droop', great!; but needless to say it all largely depends on the individual, his age, whether he's a teetotaller (having a drink nonetheless), a moderate drinker, or an alcoholic.
And yes, when you've had too much, you've had TOO much, and will fall asleep.
Stands to reason, doesn't it?
On the other hand, having nice drunken sex - provided both are (slightly) drunk, is certainly not out of the question.
Believe it or not, I had noticed the mistakes myself, but it was past my edit time.
Somebody buy Bert a drink, please.
Somebody buy Bert a drink and some others a good psychiatrist!
I've always believed that only those who believe they are sane are truly insane.