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The travel section of the Times published a long article by Seth Sherwood on Slovenia.
A friend of mine had recently unpleasant experiences with Slovenian cops. But I had a good time in Piran with my travel companion who happened to be also my girlfriend, despite some minor differences with her. I prefer minor differences to boredom.


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Minor differences
I would call the differences between you and your girlfriend major.

What does one have to do to get in trouble with cops in Piran? How did your friend even find a cop there?
tourist information
I really liked Slovenia (and Piran) as well. If you ever go back, you should travel north and eastwards as well. The rest of Slovenia is very different from the beach- and pizzeria-filled Piran...
Do minor differences delete boredom? In my case the differences that swipe out the boredom are mayor.
See: http://www.arnongrunberg.com/blog/1859-head-waiter