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Last night, during my event at the International Writers Festival in Jeruzalem the Nakba Day was mentioned only in passing by Sayed Kashua. None of the other authors present, including myself, responded to what Kashua had to say. (Which was rather interesting.)
Self-victimization is the big enemy of self-knowledge.
Or maybe it's just autism.


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A complementary diagnosis: victimization is a - not the - big enemy of knowledge.
Yes, to be a victim can be indeed very overwhelming. But so are the feelings of the triumphant persecutor, I am afraid.
There is more than one powerful enemy of knowledge.
In what kind of way?
Fear of self-knowledge may also cause self-victimization.
Lack of empathy.
Labeling the labelers
An interesting play of words appears at the end of this blog.
Autism is a diagnosis that has indeed become very common. Many people seem pleased with it, finally having found a medical answer to all the questions they had to ask themselves.

I see no future for psychiatry. Providing people with severe, incurable diseases that are based on agreements instead of e.g. virusses is as wrong as consumer-capitalism gets. Applying labels to people is something we should try to avoid, as our recent 20th century history clearly points out. So let's play with the words until something better comes up.
Why did you kept silence on this? Nakba day is the Israeli independence day, right? For Palestinians, it is the day of Catastrophe! You should have said something at least when Sayed Kashua mentioned it. Oh! I forgot. You are afraid of Self-victimization! OK.