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Le Messie juif (2007)
Le Bonheur attrapé par un singe (2008)
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Tout cru (2015)

Marek van der Jagt

L'Histoire de ma calvitie (2003)
Je suis monogame (2005)

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Le Bonheur attrapé par un singe

ISBN 978-2-7427-7275-9
Publisher Actes Sud, Arles
Original title Het aapje dat geluk pakt (2004)
Year 2008
Country France
Language French
Translator Anita Concas


Monkey Grabbing Hold of Happiness

Jean Baptist Warnke is a diplomat who works for the Dutch embassy in Lima, Peru. He is married, has two children and seems to be happy. But then he meets Malena in the café El Corner. The formal man falls hopelessly in love and begins an affair with this Peruvian girl. The story is situated during the hostage in the Japanese embassy and it is very unclear where love ends and politics begin.

Read an excerpt in English here.

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