Germany, Switzerland, Austria

Arnon Grünberg

Blauer Montag (1997)
Statisten (1999)
Phantomschmerz (2003)
Der Vogel ist krank (2005)
Gnadenfrist (2006)
Der Heilige des Unmöglichen (2007)
Tirza (2008)
Mitgenommen (2010)
Mit Haut und Haaren (2012)
Der jüdische Messias (2013)
Der Mann, der nie krank war (2014)
Muttermale (2016)

Marek van der Jagt

Amour fou (2002)
Monogam (2003)

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ISBN 3-257-06198-6
Publisher Diogenes, Zürich
Original title Figuranten (1997)
Year 1999
Country Germany, Switzerland, Austria
Language German
Translator Rainer Kersten


Silent Extras

Ewald Stanislas Krieg and his two friends Elivira Lopez and Broccoli have a desire to make it big in the movie business. Ewald was rejected by an acting school where he met Broccoli who is the self proclaimed Chairman for the Association for Geniuses, having been pronounced a wunderkind at the age of six while playing the violin in the family living room. Broccoli leads Ewald and Elvira around Amsterdam, very certain of what will work to get them worldwide recognition entitled Operation Marlon Brando.

Read a chapter in English here.

[ Diogenes ]


In November 2008 and February 2009 Spieltrieb, a group of young actors of the Duisburg Theatre in Germany, played Statisten, an adaptation of Arnon Grunberg's novel.


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