Uborkaszezon (2000)
Fantomfájdalom (2002)
A zsidó messiás (2007)
Tirza (2012)
A betegség nélküli ember (2014)
Mibácsikánk (2017)

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ISBN 963-389-019-5
Publisher József Attila Kör, Budapest
Original title Blauwe maandagen (1994)
Year 2000
Country Hungary
Language Hungarian
Translator Szabolcs Wekerle


Blue Mondays

The novel’s protagonist – named Arnon, like its author – is a young man on the run: expelled from high school and on the outs with his ailing father, he spends his days and nights living a vagabond’s life on the streets of Amsterdam.
Then he begins to visit prostitutes and in his fumbling, guileless, tender encounters with them we see what’s beneath his nonstop comic riffling.

Read a chapter in English here.

[ József Attila Kör ]

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