Much better


No brothel tonight, but Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah is much better than a brothel.

And a friend sent a great quote by the playwright Kyle Bass who said; "I couldn't have written it. I had to steal it." He was referring to his play about the debate between Buckley and Baldwin in 1965. But the remark is bigger than that.

Sometimes we have to steal things. If not from other authors from the people around us.




U.S. Road 50 in Nevada is called the loneliest road and yes, it is.
The manager at the Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel, near Carson City, advised us to spend the night in Incline Village and that's what we did. After the sex workers and conversations about the stigmas still connected to the work, a night at a ski resort seemed to be appropriate.
One of the workers (independent contractors), a beautiful lady named Ava, showed us her collection of shoes, an impressive collection.
"It's all about flirting," she said.
We sat down in the sun. It was still a bit too cold, but the pool would be open soon.




A beer in Stardust bar & brothel in Ely.
The manager Lilly, also sex worker, showed us her animals, a parrot, a rabbit and a dog.
The rabbit, named Mimi, was almost two years old.
“I kill my anger with kindness,” Lilly said. “The more you kill with kindness the better off you are.”
She added: “Sometimes church ladies come in and they ask me, ‘is there anything you want us to pray for?’ I always answer, ‘I’m well-cared for, pray for the general populace.’”
“Do they want to have sex with you?” I asked.
“The church ladies?” Lilly answered, “no they just want to pray.”




Dinner with a bio-hacker, he is hacking his own genes in his garage - one of the better sentences I've heard in weeks, "I'm hacking my own genes in my garage." - he is also working on a device that van be implemented in the penis and that will transform the penis into a vibrator, or to be more precise, that will merge the penis with a vibrator.
Since the device is not yet FDA approved, the minor surgery cannot be performed by a surgeon, the minor surgery will be performed by a body modification artist.
I must admit that at that point of the conversation I started feeling nauseous.
He himself has implemented several devices in his own body. For example, there are magnets in his fingers, and he has also built-in earphones, so he can listen to music without putting on earphones.
The bio-hacker said: "The future of sex? People are afraid that it will be less intimate, but it's going to be more intimate."