Arnon Grunberg



From an article by Jane Mayer in the New Yorker (summer 2005) on Guantánamo Bay: 'Meals, he { Colonel Mike Bumgarner } said, were excellent. “They get honey-glazed chicken and rice pilaf. They get lemon-baked fish.” He noted that some detainees don’t like to have their vegetables touching their meat: “So we serve them separately, in little Styrofoam clamshells, like the ones you get at a fast-food restaurant.” He went on, “We have to be like the parents here. In loco parentis. That’s how we look at it. It’s like a big family.” '

I’m looking forward to the food I’ll be eating there, when I’ll be going to G Bay at the end of January. And I don't mind if some vegetables touch the meat. That's how I am: modest and easy-going, sometimes even a people pleaser.