Arnon Grunberg


My mother as cook

Here is news for your inner foodie, Peter Meehan writes in the NY Times about restaurants “$25 and under.”? Last Wednesday he reported: “The grilled chicken breast bones didn’t look much like food. But I was having dinner at Yakitori Torys, Midtown’s newest yakitori spot, at the unholy hour of 6 p.m. for the express purpose of getting to the really weird stuff before it was gone. (Show up at 8 and you will be out of luck.) So we dug in.” And: “They left me thinking that the English language is short on words to describe the flavor of cooked bones. A friend, however, was sure of his words the next time we talked: “Dude, I don’t think those things were totally edible.”” Maybe my mother was a good cook after all. She was just completely into yakitori.