Arnon Grunberg



Tonight I saw “Waiting for Godot” at Studio 54. I especially liked John Goodman as Pozzo.
And I had forgotten how funny some of the dialogues are:

“VLADIMIR: But you can't go barefoot!

ESTRAGON: Christ did.

VLADIMIR: Christ! What has Christ got to do with it. You're not going to compare yourself to Christ!

ESTRAGON: All my life I've compared myself to him.

VLADIMIR: But where he lived it was warm, it was dry!

ESTRAGON: Yes. And they crucified quick.”

After the play I had dinner with a friend. She told me: “I have an arranged marriage with my dog.” And she also said: “My dog loves jazz. If he wouldn’t be overweight I could slow dance with him.”

It was a beautiful dinner.