Arnon Grunberg



Nicole’s on 60th street used to be my favorite restaurant for lunch.
It closed a while ago.
There is still a Nicole’s on 9th avenue and 15th street, but I don’t go there that often.
For some reason I decided to have lunch at Nicole’s this afternoon.
The waiter recognized me from the time that I was a patron of Nicole’s on 60th Street.
“Look who is here,” he said.
And then he asked: “How is your son, big I guess?”

Before he took my order he said: “Give my regards to your wife.”

I don’t have a wife, nor do I have a son. (He must have taken my godson and his mother for my son and my wife.)
But I like to adjust to other people’s expectations. I like to be what they want me to be.
And then I move on. That’s an important part of my job.