Arnon Grunberg

Private party


This afternoon I went to Beppe for lunch.
The restaurant was rather empty, but it’s summer time, we are in the midst of a depression, an empty restaurant can happen.
I took a seat at the bar, next to three people, two women and a man.
After a while the maître d’ came to me and she said: "Excuse me, but we are closed.”

“Oh you have a private party,” I said.

“No, not really. We are out of water.”

“Out of water?”

“Yes. No water. We can offer you wine, or drinks. But no food.”

Wine sounded tempting, but I needed some food.

“Well,” I answered. “Too bad. Another time.”

I got up.

“What's wrong with your water?” I asked out of curiosity.

“We are just out of it,” she said.

Then I decided that it was time to leave the restaurant.