Arnon Grunberg


Romance tour

Today “Café Kiev” took place.
It turned out to be one of the better days of my life.
Last winter I went on an organized tour to Ukraine, a so-called “romance tour” to find a suitable Ukrainian wife. Or to be more honest: to write about a group of American men looking for love, sex and adventure in Ukraine.
I stayed in contact with two of the ladies I met in Ukraine, Tanushka and Natalushka.
Last Friday Tanushka and Natalushka traveled on my invitation (and thanks to Bureau Beyond) to the Netherlands on a romance tour of their own.
In a suburb of the city of Utrecht my friend Sander hosted a dating show for Tanushka and Natalushka.
After having witnessed this event I would like to make a case for speed dating, at least as long as Sander is present.