Arnon Grunberg



Tonight I had dinner with Tanushka and Natalushka.
As the more frequent readers of this site might have noticed last Saturday the quest to find a Dutch groom for Tanushka and Natalushka started in the city of Utrecht: “Two charming and gorgeous looking single ladies from the Ukraine, Tanushka and Natalushka, will accompany Grunberg during a talkshow about immigration politics and mail-order brides. In the afternoon there is a dating game for men who are interested in marrying one of the two ladies. 
Single men who are interested in entering the competition, which consists among other things of writing love letters and showing dancing skills, can send a mail to
Places for the dating game are limited, so don't sit at home waiting around for Mrs. Right and take this chance.
The night starts with a table tennis disco for the whole family. Then it's time to put on dancing shoes for a singles party! Tanushka: 28 years old, 1.76m., 65 kg. University educated, professional accountant but at the moment working as assistant of director.
Natalushka: 26 years old, 1.63m., 57 kg. University educated, professional lawyer and now working as assistant of notary.”

Today Tanushka and Natalushka told me that the two men who were chosen to have dinner with Tanushka and Natalushka on Saturday night were perfect gentlemen, but that they have been utterly silent since Sunday afternoon.

The disappointment was visible on their faces.

I asked the women: “And what did you do on Sunday night?”

They answered: “We went to the red light district. How can that business survive? There were only tourists.”