Arnon Grunberg



Read here one of the strangest article I’ve read in weeks.
ZZ Packer writes in today’s Herald Tribune: “I will let myself eat whatever French fries happen to touch my hamburger, but the ones that don’t touch the burger are off limits. I can eat one-half of a hamburger bun, but not the other. I can order a pizza, but I can only eat the toppings, not the dough (though I can eat the crust, but not the part my fingers have touched).
So as a result my plate often looks like something a toddler picked over, or the food version of a war-torn country — all meals turned inside out, innards exposed. But it’s the way I eat. And as labor-intensive as it is, it beats having to exercise.”

I won’t ask Ms. Packer out for dinner. If that’s the way she eats I will join her for dinner when she is done eating.