Arnon Grunberg


Diamond studs

In the Times an interesting piece by a veteran: ‘Fast forward a couple of years. I am married. My paranoia is not as bad, but still there.
One night, I am taking my wife, Leslie, out to dinner for a “date.” As we walk to the table with the help of my guide dog, Brittani, we hear a voice: “Doggy, Mommy! There is a doggy!” “Yes, it’s a doggy,” the mother says. “You have to sit down and finish your dinner.” The child asks loudly why he can’t bring his dog to a restaurant. As I walk by the table I lean down and say: “This is Brittani. She is a working dog. She is my eyes.” I cannot see the look on the boy’s face. I know that people are sometimes taken aback by my appearance. My left eye socket is empty and my right one usually has a prosthetic with an emblem or logo. (I even have one with diamond studs.)’

You can read the piece here.

The last paragraphs are perhaps a bit too educational, but it is an insightful and important article.
One can ask: where are the pieces about wounded Iraqi veterans or wounded Iraqi civilians?

How much even-handedness can you expect from a newspaper?

After all the Times is an American newspaper writing for an American audience that is mainly interested in American veterans, if it is interested in veterans at all.