Arnon Grunberg

Chewing gum


Last night I had dinner with eight people in the cozy restaurant “L’Auberge Aveyronnaise” in the twelfth arrondissement.
L’Auberge Aveyronnaise serves specialties from the Auvergne. The food is good, the service is excellent – it can be a bit cold when you get a table near the window, but that’s a minor detail.
One of L'Auberge Aveyronnaise's specialties is a dish that consists of cheese and mashed potatoes and that looks a bit like chewing gum. (Unfortunately I can’t recall the name of the dish.)
The dish tastes good, but it is on the heavy side.
One of my acquaintances, a rather flamboyant lady, asked for a second portion – a brave woman.