Arnon Grunberg



A couple of days ago I took a “Wind & Wine” tour in Key West.
The tour consists of sailing “along the pristine deserted islands of the Florida Keys” and wine tasting.
In reality it is more drinking than tasting, but I have to admit that you can munch on cheese and crackers to avoid the pitfalls of drunken sailing.
We left the harbor at 5 PM. Ten people were aboard, including the captain and his assistant.
After twenty minutes of sailing and four glasses of wine the captain asked me: “What are you doing in Manhattan?”

“I’m a novelist,” I answered.

“Are you famous in Japan?” he asked me with a smirk on his face.

“Yes,” I answered.

A woman who had been utterly silent for quite a long time said: “I’m a librarian in the state of Washington, give me your full name and I will look you up.”

I gave her my full name.

We drank more wine and we watched the sunset. Some of us got drunk despite the cheese and the crackers.
The captain said: “We work for tips.”

Before we left the boat the captain also gave us the name of his favorite restaurant in Key West (“Blue Heaven”).