Arnon Grunberg

Fruit salad


As usual, around 10 PM I took a taxi to my favorite restaurant on 77th and Madison.
The city was deserted tonight. Even the taxi drivers were escaping the blizzard.
If we have a war against terrorism and a war against drugs and as far as I know also a war against poverty why not a war against snow? How difficult can that be? But then again, I’m not a member of the Pentagon yet.
My restaurant was closed.
The manager opened the door for me and he let me in. “I’m sorry,” he said. “There weren't any customers tonight, we closed early. But I can offer you a fruit salad and a coffee.”

“That’s why we need a war against snow,” I wanted to say but I remained silent.

My dinner consisted of a fruit salad, two espressos macchiato, two glasses of water, two limoncellos and seven cookies.
What a beautiful dinner it was.