Arnon Grunberg


Five different kinds

On Wednesday I asked my mother in the hospital: “What can I bring for you tomorrow? Herring? Salmon? Cheese?”

According to a brochure my mother received from the dietitian she needs to eat fatty fish, cheese, yoghurt and ice cream in order to gain weight.

My mother rejected ice cream, fatty fish and yoghurt right away, but after I insisted she told me: “Perhaps some goat cheese.”

Today my friend brought five different kinds of goat cheese to my mother.

My mother tasted two of them. Then she said: “Too salty. Take them away. I don’t want them.”

There are moments that my mother is possessed by fear the way other people are possessed by jealousy.

Even though she doesn’t need to be afraid, but then again, most of the time there is no rational explanation for jealousy either.