Arnon Grunberg



Roman Polanski’s latest movie “The Ghost Writer” is about a retired English prime minister who may or may not resemble Tony Blair.
The movie offers a cameo appearance of an American Secretary of State who resembles Condoleezza Rice, but that’s not Mr. Polanski’s point I assume.

Manohla Dargis wrote in The Times: 'In this respect “The Ghost Writer” seems to be as much about Mr. Polanski’s life as, well, that of Tony Blair, which only means that there are amusing points of convergence.'

Well, no. I don’t see the amusing points of convergence between Tony Blair’s life and Mr. Polanski’s.

“The Ghost Writer” is about the invincible logic of paranoia. The movie is improbable, yet still entertaining but that’s often the case with thrillers.

“The Ghost Writer” also offers a few lessons:

Don’t write your memoirs.

If you cannot overcome your vanity don’t hire a ghostwriter.

If you are a failed writer who became a ghostwriter don’t try to be more than the ghost.

And if the CIA hasn’t recruited you yet there is only one question you need to answer: what did you do wrong in your life?