Arnon Grunberg

Pozo Hondo

The future

It’s recommended not to cross the Paraguayan-Argentinian border at Pozo Hondo all too often.
First of all only seven men a week cross this border. Therefore the border policemen have all the time to keep you entertained.
Second of all in the proximity of the border station there are not too many vital signs of life.
There is wildlife, yes. Shortly before God punished me and my jeep with another flat tire, we saw a puma crossing the road.
Needless to say that I stayed as much as possible inside the jeep while ‘my amante’ changed the tire. She is very good with all kinds of animals and with tires as well.
Maybe there are indigenous people around Pozo Hondo not yet discovered by decent Christian people, but I haven’t seen them.
As few words about the border police: since only seven people a week cross this border, you have to wake the officers up.
And a last thing about the road: when it rains the road becomes a beautiful river. That is you have to stay at Pozo Hondo when it rains.
There is nothing at Pozo Hondo. But for females below a certain age the border police will make space in their cabinets.
As the saying goes: the future belongs to the youth.
And now the good news: no cannibals. Just rain, heat, mud, the border police and a satellite phone that is not going to work when you need it most.