Arnon Grunberg

The game


This afternoon I went to the Marina Abramović exhibition at the MoMa. It was my first introduction to the work of Abramović.
This evening I went to see the German movie “Everyone Else” (Alle Anderen) by Maren Ade.
Both the movie and the exhibition are very bodily.
Abramović’s work offers a strange combination of titillation and eeriness.
Maren Ade’s movie is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time about relationships, about intimacy.
Ade offers many subtle insights into the game we call love.
Abramović shows that there is nothing but the body – it is the source of absurdism, slapstick and desire.
Forget the soul, forget the brain – start concentrating on the body.
Both the exhibition and the movie are highly recommended.