Arnon Grunberg



Agrigento, Central Station, is one of the most surrealistic central stations I’ve ever been to.
Yesterday, around 15:00, I arrived at Agrigento Central Station. My train from Palermo was almost empty and so was the station. To get to the main hall I had to go up eight stairs; hard work with a heavy suitcase.
The main hall was empty as well.
A taxi was nowhere to be found.
I went to the bar in the main hall.
“Taxi,” I said.
The bartender went outside with me, he looked around and then he said: “No taxi.”

I told the bartender: “Telefonare. Taxi? Telefonare?”

The bartender made a funny face; he went back to his bar.

Agrigento, Central Station, I would like to add, is rather beautiful. The station could be a nice movie set.