Arnon Grunberg



I wasn’t completely convinced by the Manohla Dagris’ review of George Nolfi’s movie “The Adjustment Bureau”.
But a friend told me over lunch: “What does it mean to be made for each other? 'The Adjustment Bureau' tries to answer that question.”

Well, perhaps.
There are angels active in “The Adjustment Bureau”, the CEO of mankind has come to the conclusion that mankind needs guidance. For one reason or another the angels are especially active in Manhattan.
And they have a plan, not for all of us, but for some of us.

“The Adjustment Bureau” – a highly enjoyable movie – tells us that the angels appreciate it if we prove that we deserve free will. (There is free will, but only for those who work hard.)

And the movie teaches us what “being made for each other” really means: falling in love with a person the angels don’t want you to fall in love with.
Infatuation can only last when love remains unfulfilled.

So if the angels don’t appreciate your desires, count your blessings.