Arnon Grunberg



“Please, stand against the wall,” the guard said.
We all stood against the wall and waited patiently in line – even a female lawyer who had come for a trial. She had to wait in line as well.
This morning I went to the USCIS on Varick Streek to have my biometrics taken.
It sounds better than it is; they took a picture of me and they took my fingerprints.
I also had to fill in how much I weighed. I weigh approximately 60 kilograms, but I couldn’t remember how much that is in pounds.
It was very early in the morning, and I was too ashamed too ask, so I wrote: 75 pounds.
“You weigh 75 pounds?” a kind lady asked.

“I believe so,” I answered.

“You are sure?” the lady asked.

“I’m pretty sure.”

“Okay, if you say so,” the lady said without blinking an eye.