Arnon Grunberg



When I’m in Glion I make a pilgrimage to Hostellerie de Caux in Caux, where I drink rosé and eat cheese fondue.
Usually I take a taxi back to Glion, but this time I decided to take the train back. The weather was gorgeous and my godson was still awake.
The café at Caux train station was filled with international students from the hotel school nearby. They were on their way to a night out in Montreux.
Most of them were women, their skirts were short; their heels were long.
There was also an extremely tall man amidst the young women, his length clearly made him uncomfortable.
On the train I overheard a conversation.
“We are going to Club Paradise,” a woman said.
Another woman added: “No men before one.”

My godson was as fascinated as I was.