Arnon Grunberg


The future

Last night, I stayed in hotel Srinagar in Tansen. It was the coldest night in my life. There was some kind of heat in the room, but it was merely symbolic. (The frequent power cuts didn’t help.)
I don’t complain, this is one of the reasons why people go to Nepal instead of Luxembourg: to suffer.
The restaurant at Srinagar offered good food, the freshly made tomato soup was amazing. The biryani was delicious as well, albeit too much. My portion was big enough for at least two people and a hungry child. I drank hot water with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a bit of honey with my meal; this is something I should do more often.
The waiter, named Saroz, was in the most charming manner servile. I could imagine offering him a job, but unfortunately I’m presently not in need of a waiter. (Some people bring their own mayonnaise or sweetener to a restaurant, somewhere in the future I would like to bring my own waiter to every restaurant I visit.)
For reasons I cannot fully explain, I recommend everybody a trip to Tansen and a stay in hotel Srinagar.