Arnon Grunberg

Handsome man

New Zealand

Late this afternoon I returned to my apartment. (Due to the leakage there had been no electricity in the apartment for almost 24 hours.)
I sat down in my kitchen and I started working. It was not before long that I noticed that water was dripping from the ceiling once again.
The ceiling in my kitchen reminded me of the euro crisis.
But I took it as a man – if I may say so – I called the superintendent, a lovely lady, and I informed her about the leakage. Then I stood on a chair to watch the leakage more closely and I said to my self: “To some people this is just a leakage, but it could be a piece of art as well. After all, some artists love to be annoying. Imagine, that there is an unknown artist living in the attic. And he is providing you with original, innovative “water art”.
And indeed, this was the case. The artist turned out to be a mysterious dwarf from New Zealand who has been living in my attic since 2006.
I took a few pictures of the artwork by this handsome man.
The pictures are for sale.