Arnon Grunberg



On Saturday night I had a public conversation with the philosopher Paul Cobben in Tilburg.
After the event a philosophy student approached me. He said: “I never read fiction, I never go to the movies, I just read philosophy.” “I see,” I answered. “Well, good luck, but you underestimate yourself.” Then he got aggressive. “What do you mean by this? You think your taste is better than mine? There is just no necessity in fiction. I prefer life; I prefer walking in the streets. Fiction is just not for me. I love Nietzsche, I love Kierkegaard.” Another student whispered: “Don’t worry. I know karate.” If this is what a study in philosophy does with you, there is no need for populism anymore.
And immortality is just an excuse for abuse. Poor Nietzsche, poor Kierkegaard.