Arnon Grunberg


Good friend

Cees Nooteboom is not only a great author and a terrific poet, probably the greatest poet since Ariosto (compared to Cees Nooteboom Goethe is a midget and Shakespeare a hunchback) Nooteboom is also a reliable friend, a sensitive thinker, a Don Juan with good manners, one of the most important philosophers of the Netherlands and above all a true European.

Without Cees Nooteboom Europe will never be the same.

Please watch this video.

(I found the video by coincidence on this website.)

Wherever he goes, Mr. Nooteboom is always in sync with nature.

And here comes my pitch: let’s rename the euro, let’s call the euro as of January 1, 2013 nooteboom.

That’s the least we can do for Cees.

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