Arnon Grunberg


Al fresco

“Het Terras” is the outdoor café at Hotel de l’Europe in Amsterdam.
On its website we read: “A warm-weather dining destination where vintage Euro chic riverside dining pairs with sumptuous updated Parisian-influenced café classics and seasonal local specialties. A spectacular al fresco setting atop a charming open-air patio offers breathtaking views of Amsterdam’s famous canals.”

Last Friday I had lunch at “Het Terras” with my publisher. The lunch was okay, but perhaps that was because of the entertaining company of my publisher.

On Tuesday evening I went back to “Het Terras” with my girlfriend.
The food was mediocre (steak tartare as an appetizer, then codfish) -- the waiters were clumsy or even worse: unfriendly.

Obviously the manager at “Het Terras” thought: A Parisian influence? I got it, waiters and waitresses with an attitude.

No, stop discriminating against the Parisians.

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