Arnon Grunberg

Mud wrestling


This afternoon I had to say good-bye to my fixer. Shortly before that I met her niece, who is slightly more religious than my fixer.
My fixer loves The Doors. Especially this quote by the Doors made me smile: ‘I need somebody who doesn’t need me.’ This evening in the company of a very nice Lebanese couple Mud Wrestling for Peace was invented.
It works like this: gather women in your neighborhood, from different sects, a Christian, a Druze, a Sunni, a Shi’ite, a Jew. And then let the mud wrestling start.
If we want to support the moderate forces we have to support moderate women -- I do hope readers of this site will take up the challenge and start organizing Mud Wrestling for Peace in their own neighborhood. (If you cannot find a Druze in your neighborhood no problem, the principal is clear I assume. And no men! Only women are allowed to do the mud wrestling.)
It might be our only hope. (And once again, no irony involved here.)