Arnon Grunberg

The worst

A list

My favorite publisher Diogenes Verlag has come up with an excellent idea.
The worst seller list.

In 2005 the worst seller at Diogenes was a book by Frank O’Connor: 3 copies sold.
Number 2: George Orwell, 8 copies sold.
Number 3: Nathanael West, 13 copies sold.
Number 5 William Faulkner, 36 copies sold.
(Diogenes won't allow living authors to be on their worst seller list.)
To be fair I’ll publish my own worst seller list.
See below:

Unfortunately this Grunberg-worst seller list of the first quarter of 2007 is based on the royalty statement of only one of my Dutch publishers.

1) Grunberg Around the World
- 437 2) Grunberg-bible
- 127 3) The Technique of Suffering
- 6