Arnon Grunberg


Mild depression

A couple of days ago I was having dinner with two friends.
While munching on some cheeses one of my friends, a lovely and intelligent lady, asked: “Who is the most famous person in the Netherlands? Present company excluded.” The most famous person in the Netherlands – the richest man in Madrid, the heaviest woman in Moscow?
A true socialite needs to know these people by name, if possible in person, so he can say: “The richest man in Madrid invited me for lunch. He is an Arab prince and a vertically challenged person, yes a beautiful midget, but an extremely charming man, and his couscous was delicious. I must say that his strawberries were rather disappointing. But right after these awful strawberries I had the most interesting conversation with his wife, a famous microbiologist. She taught at Princeton, Harvard, Yale and at the Sorbonne, but she is suffering from a mild depression and all she does these days is play pool.”

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