Arnon Grunberg



“I’m not going to eat,” I said to the flight attendant on a Delta flight from Dublin to JFK.
“You’re not going to eat? Go to your room,” the flight attendant said.
I was flabbergasted, so I mumbled: “Excuse me?” He repeated: “Go to your room.” I laughed.

A proposal.
Let the purser announce: “Our New York based flight attendants will do everything to make your flight comfortable. They speak French, Italian, German and Spanish. In the main cabin two of our flight attendants have a sense of humor. If you don’t want to experience our great inflight humor press the no-humor button.”

Humor is great, but sometimes you need some mental preparation in order to really enjoy it. And this system could be the beginning of wonderful friendships as well: “I just buried my grandmother, so I pressed the no-humor button, but on my next flight I’d love to enjoy your practical jokes.”

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