Arnon Grunberg

Bad boy


Every four weeks or so I get a manicure, a pedicure and a massage – I try to be a good customer, isn’t this what our culture demands? But today the massage was really painful. This was beyond unpleasant. Perhaps it wasn’t a massage. Perhaps it was an interrogation. Perhaps I was supposed to shout in the nail salon: “Yes, I’m a terrorist. I’m a bad bad boy.” But all I did was pleading with the masseuse: “A bit softer please.” She didn’t like it.
“Softer,” she hissed. “You need stimulus. Soft massage, no stimulus.” “Hmm,” I answered.
I really try to be a good customer, because that’s my ambition but sometimes I fail.
Some people may remember my books and my articles, I’m pretty sure that other people will remember me as a one man guerrilla against the recession.

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