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Molly Wood advises us in the NYT how to keep our data safe:

“Try a password manager like LastPass or Password Safe, which was created by security expert Bruce Schneier.
These sites create a unique password for each website you visit and store them in a database protected by a master password that you create. That sounds dangerous, but password managers reduce the risk of reused passwords or those that are easy to decode.
If you must create your own passwords, make sure they are not based on dictionary words. Even a word obscured with symbols and numbers can be cracked relatively quickly. Mr. Schneier suggests creating an anagram from a sentence, and using symbols and numbers to make it more complicated.
For example, the sentence One time in class I ate some glue could become 1TiC!AsG.
Create the strongest passwords for the sites that contain the most sensitive information and do not reuse them anywhere.”

(Read this article here.)

I read this article this morning and since this morning I keep asking myself the question why Mr. Schneier came up with the sentence “One time in class I ate some glue.” Does the sentence have a secret meeting? Is it common for children of a certain ge to eat glue in class? Is there a relationship between eating glue and sniffing glue?
Is eating glue illegal? If a person has never used ecstasy could he start with eating glue and then move on to ecstasy? Is eating glue before sex advisable? When will a book appear with the title “Memoirs of Glue Eating Banker”?
Maybe one day I will say, “I met my wife when she was a glue eater, I sent her to rehab, and now she is one of the most popular dentists in Manhattan.”

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