Arnon Grunberg

Cable car


I’m a creature of habits.
In May I took the cable car from Weggis to Rigi Kaltbad, I walked from Rigi Kaltbad to Vitznau and from Vitznau I took the boat back to Weggis. (See also here.)
It was a steep descent, from Rigi to Vitznau, and some cows did try to attack me, but I managed to escape, all together I had fond memories of this hike.
On Sunday I took my godson and his mother to Rigi. It was cloudy in Weggis, but the sun was shining in Rigi.
We had lunch in Rigi Katltbad, my godson tried to upset me by singing the Dutch anthem loud and shameless in the restaurant. We were seated in an empty corner of the restaurant but I believe that young and old should strive to be as invisible as possible: no singing, no dancing in public places, no religious ceremonies in public places, and indecent proposals only in written form. Indeed, my life boils down to this: no singing, no dancing, lots of indecent proposals in written form, lots of invisibility.
My godson ran down the mountain like a goat, but when Vitzau was just about 35 minutes walking distance he insisted on taking the train.
We ate pastries and ice cream on a terrace near the quay in Vitznau. A lovely waitress was making jokes with my godson and me, I contemplated proposing to her, and then we took the boat back to Weggis.
For serious escapism, Switzerland has no real competition in Europe.

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