Arnon Grunberg



This morning I went to see the ophthalmologist – first she said: “I’m sorry to hear about your mother.”
My mother used to be her patient as well. Then she checked my eyes, my near-sightedness had gotten slightly worse, but besides that my eyes were in good shape. The ophtalmologist said: “Come back in two years. But if your vision is suddenly getting blurrier and you see small animals dancing in front of your eyes you should contact your ophthalmologist right away.”
I walked to my mother’s house. Small animals dancing in front of me, it sounded more like a psychiatric disease than age-related vision loss. And as soon as I entered my mother’s house small animals started dancing in front of my eyes. I sat down, opened the mail, waited a few minutes and then I decided that I would live with these animals for the time being.

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