Arnon Grunberg



I had bought tickets for the opera (“Macbeth”) for my godson and his mother.
This afternoon my godson called me: “Is this really something for children?” (He is ten years old.)
“There was just one other child in the audience.”
‘Well, I thought, it’s part of your education.”
“I didn’t get everything. Who was Macbeth’s friend?”
“I don’t think he had many friends.”
“He had a friend, in the beginning, Duncan.”
“That’s not his friend. That’s the king. Macbeth tries to kill the king.”
“To, please his wife.”
“He must love his wife.”
“Or perhaps he is afraid of his wife.”
The concept of Macbeth being afraid of his wife seemed to bore my godson. “Do you want to talk to mama?” he asked.

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